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Another way of describing the U.S. tax system is by saying that most Americans are charged a marginal tax rate. That’s because as income rises, it’s taxed at a higher rate. In other words, the last dollar that an American earns is taxed more than the first dollar.

2020 Form 1040 Tax Table

The federal government has a website where you can explore government spending. In 2022, federal tax dollars went toward Medicare (16.4%), Social Security (14.3%), Defense (13.1%), Health (11.9%). Other major spending categories included Income Security (9.7%) and Net Interest (8.1%). The IRS provides multiple free resources on its website if you need help preparing your tax return or have questions about a tax issue.

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This table shows you the applicable tax rates for ranges of income based on your filing status—your tax bracket. They show breakpoint income levels above and below which different tax rates will apply. The government decides how much tax you owe by dividing your taxable income into chunks — also known as tax brackets — and each chunk gets taxed at the corresponding tax rate. You may hear https://turbo-tax.org/2020-form-1040-tax-table/ people say that they are in the 12% tax bracket or the 22% bracket. This does not mean all of their income is taxed at that percentage; instead, that is the highest tax rate — the marginal rate — that applies to a portion of their income. If your taxable income is on the cusp of tax brackets, you may be wondering how to get into the lower tax bracket to pay fewer taxes on your income.

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  • Please click here to see if you are required to report Kentucky use tax on your individual income tax return.

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Federal Income Tax Brackets and Rates

If you need to make certain changes to your original Maryland return that has already been filed and processed, you must file Form 502X for 2019 to amend your original tax return. If paying by credit card, a fee will be charged by the credit card processor based on the amount you are paying. If you are seeking tax forms for years older than those displayed, please email your request to
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2020 Form 1040 Tax Table

The seven tax rates remain unchanged, while the income limits have been adjusted for inflation. For example, if you're a single filer in 2023 with $35,000 of taxable income, you would be in the 12% tax bracket. If your taxable income went up by $1, you would pay 12% on that extra dollar, too. These tax rate schedules are provided to help you estimate your 2022 federal income tax. TurboTax will apply these rates as you complete your tax return.

Capital Gains Tax Rates (Long Term Capital Gains)

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  • The more complex tax tables will list the exact tax you owe for your total amount of taxable income.
  • These resources include publications, forms, instructions, non-English language assistance, and even live help, in some cases.
  • The IRS also released information on the 2020 standard deduction.
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Learn how to protect yourself and your money from falling victim to tax fraud. If you have any suggestions or comments on how to improve these forms, contact the Forms Manager at If you are having difficulties to open any of the forms with the viewer (e.g. MAC PDF Preview) or browser (e.g. Google Chrome/or Edge), please do the following. The following instructions explain how to download a file from our Web site and view it using ADOBE Acrobat Reader. Please verify that you satisfy all of the eligibility requirements above before completing the required forms. If you are a nonresident and need to amend your return, you must file Form 505X.

Among sources of other income are business income, farm income, rental real estate, alimony, unemployment compensation and nonqualified dividends. To see the 2019 and 2020 tax rates and income ranges, check out this article where we outline what the current tax brackets are. The more complex tax tables will list the exact tax you owe for your total amount of taxable income. Still others will calculate capital gains tax or the earned income tax credit you might qualify for. When you itemize deductions on your federal return you are allowed to deduct state income taxes or sales taxes that you paid during the year.

  • However, since MAGI is generally higher than taxable income, the 3.8% tax may be applicable even if your taxable income is below the applicable threshold.
  • If you have a honking big mortgage or big medical bills, it may be worthwhile to itemize your deductions.
  • Unearned income is income from sources other than wages and salary, like dividends and interest.
  • The credit applies only to undergraduate studies, phases out for higher incomes, applies to most higher education opportunities within Kentucky and may be carried forward for up to five (5) years.
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Income Tax Calculator: Estimate Your Taxes

At Bankrate, we take the accuracy of our content seriously. In 2020, the first $15,000 of gifts to any person is excluded from tax. The exclusion is increased to $157,000 for gifts to spouses who are not citizens of the United States.

2020 Form 1040 Tax Table