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Most importantly, the results of this robot have been independently verified by MyFXBook. We believe that when choosing a Forex robot it is essential to check that it has independently verified results and you should only consider purchasing a robot that can provide this. A forex robot is a type of computer program that’s designed to trade forex automatically. David Aronson is one of the leaders of the fight to make investors aware of data-mining bias. The finding of the outlier is often proved by looking at one data set and not testing that indicator over multiple cycles or the environment.

smartbot for forex trading

Get the most profitable fully licensed fx/crypto brokerage software or ready-to-operate business in 48 hours. Best-in-class web & mobile trading platforms, sales-driven CRM, full integration with MT4/5, and 150+ payment providers. The products offered on the website include binary options, contracts for difference (“CFDs”) and other complex derivatives.

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With a 61-month track record of profits, the Waka Waka EA bot uses algo-trading technology to offer long-term trading returns, much like the best traders in the industry. Plus, the Waka Waka EA is stable, meaning that it can remain profitable over long periods of time instead of offering you a one-time “holy grail” option that cannot last. The best forex robot developers have a responsive help desk service, available 24/7, often replying to customer queries within an hour, generally via email but sometimes through live chat support. Other developers offer a more limiting 24/5 service, so just providing support during the trading week and not at the weekends.

smartbot for forex trading

If you’re looking for something of the kind, XCritical provides a SmartBot that acts as a virtual assistant. It won’t automate the whole trading process, but it is a great help when you need to get information ASAP. All these points make trading sound like an easy way to become a billionaire. Truth be told, you still have to put in a lot of effort to make a living. A robot is only an additional tool in your daily routine, helping you get the most out of each action.

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Crucially, when you receive a real-time trading signal from the platform, you will be provided with all of the necessary entry and exit points. This includes that all-important stop-loss order price, meaning you will always smart bot trading be in a position to mitigate your potential losses. When the algorithm spots a potential trading opportunity, you will be notified instantly. With that said, FX Master Bot allows you to act on these findings autonomously.

From our extensive research of forex robots, we would like to share the number one red flag that should be a concern when selecting an Expert Advisor, which is simulated or hypothetical performance. Following detailed research, we have identified seven criteria that have shown to be significant in analyzing a robot’s performance. The requirements are listed below, and further on in the guide, they will be explained as part of broader considerations for those looking to buy the best forex expert advisor.

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On the live trading accounts, most robots have a high win rate and a low drawdown. Some forex robots can also be used to identify high-probability trade setups without actually executing the trades for you automatically. Read on to find out more about forex robots, which marketed robots have the best track record and offer good value for money and how using a forex robot might improve your success as a currency trader.

Forex Robotron is another example of the success of Forex trading using a fully-automated trading robot. At the same time, the
robot requires deep knowledge and understanding of trading processes in order to achieve similar results. That is why it can be difficult for beginners to master working with it. Each account type lets you connect with one or more exchanges and trade with live rules, demo rules and template strategies.